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Singer-Songwriter Cara Aley

The Electrified Folkster!

Cara Aley
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"Electrified folk" - that's how one might describe the music of Cara Aley.

Raised in New Hampshire, she has the folkster roots. And the electricity in her voice, her lyrics, and her sound can be felt with just one listen to her second album, Bend.

Now living in Boston, she is hard at work promoting her second album, Bend. The collection features thoughtful lyrics wound in a tapestry of delicate acoustic and electric sounds. Aley’s fresh vocals put the finishing touches on this nine-track masterpiece.

There's no detailed storytelling on the album, only Aley’s feelings spilled out overflowingly into music that accompanies the emotions described in her lyrics. Fluidly written, these lyrics paint emotional works of art about life and love. You'll get more than perfect romance songs with this girl – she can sing about the destruction of love ("Luke") as eloquently as the emergence of it ("Take Me Away").

“The album represents all things I am passionate about,” says 26-year-old Aley. “It expresses hope and promise for good things to come, how much people in my life have touched me, and how much music inspires me.”

Bend has recently been a top-seller at Awarestore.com, and has received airplay on Radioio.com Acoustic and WholeWheatRadio.org. Aley is also featured on Decent Xposure, Volume 3 and Alternative Addiction Volume 3 alongside bands such as Sister Hazel, Nine Days, Fighting Gravity, Will Bowen and Averi.

Influenced by a wide array of artists from James Taylor to Linkin Park, Aley’s sound is similar to that of Tracy Chapman, Jonatha Brooke and Alison Krauss. Though it's tough to pin down an accurate musical comparison, Aley wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Songwriting is really like a journal for me; it’s an outlet and a way of creating something lasting from feelings that - whether temporary or not - are still very real for me and might hit home for others.”

“This album would be worth having made in my mind if even just a few people felt it and were moved by the songs,” says Aley. “It's sharing a piece of my soul with people who are open to that.”